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Artist Collection Interview with Lucy Prior

Lucy Prior Banner Interview Blog

Welcome to The Casery blog. We felt our first entry should be an interview with one of our featured artists, as we feel our cases are first and foremost about style. We hope you continue to like and share our entries as we post news, interviews and exclusive offers. 

We are so proud to have Lucy Prior be one of our featured artists for our Limited Edition Collection. Hailing from Australia, Lucy is a multi-talented creator who works not only with paint and ink but also with paper. Lucy uses scrap paper to create beautiful mixed media art that inspires and delights. Once we saw Lucy's art, we knew we had to have her create a line of cases for us.

We talked with Lucy about her work, her inspirations and her current projects. 


The Casery: Your Patchwork art is this amazing mixed-media wonderland. Where do you find the pieces for your art?

Lucy: I use scrap paper and traditional 'washi' paper from Japan. I am a print maker by trade and fell in love with the printed paper in Japan. My love just grew from there. 

The Casery: What inspires your art the most? 

Lucy: Experiences common to all. Love, loss, hope and the beauty in the everyday.

The Casery: What is your absolute favorite thing to paint/draw?

Lucy: Anything from nature and the natural world. There is so much inspiration if you just take the time to look up and look around.

Lucy Prior Portrait Interview Blog

The Casery: Have you always wanted to be an artist? If not, what was the job you wanted to be as a child “when you grew up”?

Lucy: I have always been surrounded by art. Both my parents are creative so it was something that was fostered from when I was young. Like many artists, I have done and experienced lots of different things in life which have led me down the path I am currently on. I like to try lots of different things.

The Casery: What artist would you like most to be compared to if you had to choose one? 

There are too many to choose from! If I could be compared to any artist who has successfully made a name for themselves with their art-form and  who gives back to the community through what they do, I would be humbled and happy.

The Casery: If you could go on a stroll with one artist, living or dead, who would it be?

Marc Chagall. His whimsical work has been a constant inspiration in my life.

The Casery: If your art was a play, what would the title be? 

Lucy: Life in Patchwork

Lucy Prior Case Interview Blog

The Casery: What is the best compliment you’ve ever received about your art?

Lucy: A client sent me photos of her daughter opening one of my patchwork artworks for her birthday. She captured her daughter's reaction upon seeing the work., from surprise, shock to excitement and teary,emotional love for how much it meant to her. It was quite simply the most reaffirming reaction for an artist to receive.

The Casery: What exciting projects are you working on?

Lucy: I am delving into lots of different things. Commissions, retail opportunities, clothing lines and community exchanges.

Check out all of Lucy's beautiful cases here. Each design is limited to 100 prints only and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Get yours today before they're all gone. 

You can see more of Lucy's work on her Instagram and Facebook

Check back on The Casery Blog for more interviews, news and exciting offers in the near future.

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